Automate recruitment using AI within WhatsApp

Your End-to-End, AI-Powered Hiring and Proctoring Solution


Automated hiring process – from APPLY to HIRE in a fraction of time from a few weeks to a few hours

Message Automation

Message Automation

Connect to the candidates via their preferred messaging platform with out human intervention

Social Media connection

Social Media connection

Social media is the life. Grab the talent effortlessly via the automated assistant

Rising Productivity

Rising Productivity

Put use to the valuable human resources for increased productivity.

Talent  Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

90% of engaged candidates complete a candidate profile; increasing your talent pool, while automating candidate outreach

Pre-Qualify Candidates

Pre-Qualify Candidates

Pre-screen the qualifying candidates for employment criteria

FAQs with AI

FAQs with AI

FAQs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) engage candidates before and during the application and interview process.









What chatbot?

AI-powered Intelligence and Insights

 An AI powered chatbot is a smarter version which uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to better understand the intent of the human and provide a more natural, near human-level communication.

Hiring Timeline

HR Timeline


Unique QR code

Makes handling and tracking applicants for multiple jobs much easier and scalable

Data collection

Automates the collection of applicant data saving valuable HR time and effort

Filter applications

AI powered automatically qualifies eligible applicants

Long term engagement

Whatsapp has 93% open rate, 40 % in SMS, 20% in email

Queries resolved

The bot is AI/ML enabled & shall auto-train to answer FAQs from job seekers 24/7. Human agents can pitch in anytime required.

Visitors capture 24/7

Conversational AI based bot can help us capture visitors automatically


Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot is a computer program that can respond to multiple requests, or questions, in an automated way, 24/7. Chatbots are “human-like”, but clearly automated. Chatbots communicate via messaging apps, like SMS/Text, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or Web chat. Messaging apps are now used more often than Social Networking sites.

Chatbots can increase candidate engagements, increase candidate application rates, pre-screen candidates, automate interview scheduling, and lots more. The pre-screening questions that you’re currently using can be optimized to work within a chatbot. Chatbots can be deployed on SMS / Text Messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook Career pages, and Career Sites.

Effective chatbots are customized to work with your recruiting processes and existing workflows. We work with your recruiting and HR teams to design a chatbot solution that will solve your specific objectives. To quote the price of building a chatbot for your organization, we have a consulting call, where we learn what your objectives and preferences. Once we know what type of solution you’re looking for, including the number users that will be using the system, we’ll provide a quote to build and maintain your chatbot.

Most employer career sites only convert 9% or less of visitors as applicants. Our clients are seeing 50% of Chatbot Engaged candidates Applying to Jobs. It’s significant!
Email is getting less effective as a means to communicate. Your workforce is already using Messaging. Messaging with automation allows recruiting teams to eliminate many manual tasks, like chasing candidates on email, trying to get responses, or scheduling interviews.


Able to engage users from multiple platform simultaneously